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The people of Kakamega need effective medical care. You can help SAVE LIVES.
Medical Clinics in Kakamega, Kenya Map of Kakamega, Kenya

About Dr. Margaret Kilibwa, Founder and Director of TropicalClinics

Dr. Margaret Kilibwa, Founder and Director of TropicalClinicsDr. Margaret Kilibwa has been involved in humanitarian work in Kenya and other African countries for over ten years. She has devoted her time to helping children left homeless or destitute by the devastation of HIV, as well as working to alleviate hunger and poverty for countless individuals. In 2004, she founded TropicalClinics, Inc. to build one-of-a-kind health centers in rural Africa and other developing nations.

In addition to her humanitarian work, Margaret is a clinical assistant professor at the Women's Health Institute of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey - Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. A Clinical Nutritionist and Research Scientist, she received her Ph.D. from Cornell University and her certification as a Clinical Nutritionist from Columbia University. She is currently collaborating with Dr. Gloria Bachmann, MD on various clinical trials related to women's health.



About TropicalClinics

TropicalClinics is a non-profit corporation organized and operated exclusively for the promotion of the total health of people living in the world's poorest rural communities by providing the best medical, therapeutic, nutritional, and psychological care possible. Learn more about TropicalClinics.

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About the Organization:

TropicalClinics is a 501 (c) 3 U.S. Nonprofit Organization (and a Non-Governmental Organization in Kenya). The organization was founded by Margaret Kilibwa in 2004 to build one-of-a-kind health centers in rural areas of Africa and other developing nations.

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