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The people of Kakamega need effective medical care. You can help SAVE LIVES.
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TropicalClinics for Rural Health Chaptership Program

Thanks for your interest in the recently launched TCRH chaptership program! Starting a TCRH chapter on your high school, undergraduate, or graduate school campus is a wonderful way to directly assist in bringing quality health care to underserved rural populations in developing nations (beginning in Kenya), while at the same time enhancing your leadership skills and fostering a community of students who are passionate about global health on your campus.

Vision Statement: “Motivated by the belief that access to health care is a fundamental human right regardless of physical locale, we support TropicalClinics' efforts to bring quality health care to the underserved women, children, and families in rural areas of developing nations, beginning in Kenya.”

Mission Statement: “Through implementing dedicated fundraising efforts and facilitating frequent rural health activism events, TCRH chapters provide direct support for the mission of TropicalClinics to bring quality health care to underserved rural populations in developing nations, while in the process fostering the development of their members as future leaders in the global health field.”

For more details about our chaptership program, please see the official TCRH program manual. Here you will find information on the TCRH chapter recognition process, the required leadership structure, the selection of chapter officers, and the official TCRH membership process. - download (Microsoft Word File)

If you are interested in starting a TCRH chapter on your campus, the first step is to send TropicalClinics Headquarters a brief introductory email introducing yourself and expressing your interest in starting a chapter. TropicalClinics Headquarters will then email you a TCRH chapter founding officer application to begin the process:

In October 2012, the founding TCRH chapter was officially recognized as a student group on the Princeton University campus. Princeton TCRH is currently led by an Executive Board comprised of 11 officers along with five committee chairs who assist their relevant VPs in leading the chapter's committees:

Princeton University Officers 2013-2014:
President: Christine Hildreth,
Vice President of Operations: Madeline Russell,
Vice President of Fundraising: Daria Koren,
Vice President of Rural Health Activism: Michael Chang,
Vice President of Outreach and Publicity: Divya Krishnan,
Vice President of Special Events: Jessica Gregory,
Vice President of Chaptership Expansion: Melissa Rojo,
Chief Financial Officer: Kalin Stovall,
Chief Administrative Officer: Cordelia Xie,
Chief Campus Liaison: Helen Stillwell,
Chief Community Liaison: Jean Choi,
Chair of Rural Health Activism: Gina Sun,
Chair of Special Events: Anchal Padukone,
Chair of Chaptership Expansion: Lana Daniels,

The Princeton TCRH chapter has developed the model TCRH structure and would be happy to serve as a resource for students interested in starting chapters on their own campuses. You may reach out to Princeton TCRH at their official email address (, or alternatively by emailing any of the above executive board officers or committee chairs. More information on the Princeton chapter is available at these links:

Princeton Chapter Facebook Page

Princeton Chapter Blog

New members, click here to complete the membership process.

Returning members, click here to complete the membership process.

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About the Organization:

TropicalClinics is a 501 (c) 3 U.S. Nonprofit Organization (and a Non-Governmental Organization in Kenya). The organization was founded by Margaret Kilibwa in 2004 to build one-of-a-kind health centers in rural areas of Africa and other developing nations.

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