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The people of Kakamega need effective medical care. You can help SAVE LIVES.
Medical Clinics in Kakamega, Kenya Map of Kakamega, Kenya

Opportunities to Support TropicalClinics

Contributions of any size are
desperately needed and greatly appreciated!

Save a child's life through immunization


Provide pre-natal vitamins for an expectant mother


Supply medication to prevent maternal-child HIV transmission


Buy A Brick


Assist in the purchase of
construction materials


Complete a wall


Provide a roof / add a solar panel


Purify Clinic's Water System


Build a wing


Build Children's Vaccination Center


Complete a clinic unit


Thank you for making a difference in the Kakamega community.


The construction and first year operations of TropicalClinics, Kakamega relies completely on corporate sponsorship and the donations of people of compassion throughout the World.

For under $1,500,000 — the construction of TropicalClinics, Kakamega will be completed

For under $120,000 — TropicalClinics will have medicine, medical supplies and equipment

For $420,000 — TropicalClinics will employ physicians, laboratory technicians, nurses, nutritionists, field workers and grounds crew


In Year Two of Operations, we will work towards sustainability by raising over $400,000 through:

  • providing Diagnostic Laboratory Services for five area hospitals
  • attracting Corporate Clients who can afford to pay hospital fees
  • establishing an Internship Program for the area Science and Technology University
  • offering Seminars and Refresher Courses to area HealthCare Providers
  • conducting Certified HIV and Infectious Disease Training
  • collaborating with Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) and Rutgers University to commercialize botanicals from the Kakamega Forest

Your  tax-deductible donation will make a difference for the people of Kakamega and surrounding rural communities!


More Ways You Can Help

And it won't cost you a thing!

Donate to TropicalClinics each time you search

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TropicalClinics Supporters

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Other supporters include...

  • Congressman Robert Andrews
  • B. Smith
  • Loretta LaRoche
  • Meera Gandhi
  • Sunshine Rottery Club at LaGrangeville, NY

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About the Organization:

TropicalClinics is a 501 (c) 3 U.S. Nonprofit Organization (and a Non-Governmental Organization in Kenya). The organization was founded by Margaret Kilibwa in 2004 to build one-of-a-kind health centers in rural areas of Africa and other developing nations.

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