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The people of Kakamega need effective medical care. You can help SAVE LIVES.
Medical Clinics in Kakamega, Kenya Map of Kakamega, Kenya

TropicalClinics Pharmacy and Treatment Center at Kakamega

TropicalClinics organization is establishing TropicalClinics Medical and Education Center to provide vital, life-saving medical care to women, children and their families in Africa, starting in Kenya.

Our immediate goal is to renovate an existing five-room clinic at Kakamega into a pharmacy and treatment center that will provide interim services to our clients. From this service we expect to demonstrate the project’s soundness and effectiveness to other foundations and corporate funders, community development agencies, and private funding sources for future funding of the long-term program. The treatment center plans to provide prenatal care to women like Muhonja to assist with healthy pregnancies and prevent pregnancy-related deaths.

Clinics in these rural areas lack many supplies such as stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs, bandages, syringes, disinfectants, thermometers, antibiotics and ibuprofen which are readily available in any clinic or hospital in the United States. TropicalClinics is partnering with MAP International and Johnson & Johnson to ship a container of medicine and medical supplies to the proposed Pharmacy in Kakamega. We plan to set up a computer system to track medical cases, treatment impact, and TropicalClinics’ services.

TropicalClinics program at the Pharmacy and treatment center will enable our stakeholders to better understand the current needs in the area; build sound and effective care of our patient pool and demonstrate the effectiveness of our long-term program through internal and external audit.

Click on an image below to take a virtual walk through our center!

Waiting Area / Pharmacy

Treatment Center Womens Room
Womens Room

Treatment Center Childrens Room
Childrens Room

Treatment Center HIV Counseling
HIV Counseling

Treatment Center Nurses Station
Nurses Station / Offices

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TropicalClinics Annual Medical Camps

To help provide immediate medical relief to the people of Kakamega and its surrounding areas, we continue to provide medical care and health support through our annual medical camp.

Our July 2008 event brought together a total of 80 health care professionals (local pediatricians, eye specialists, clinicians, dentists, nurses and social workers) treating nearly 1,800 people - mostly women and children - providing eye care, antifungal treatment, dental care, HIV-testing and treatment, Malaria diagnosis and treatment, as well as, treatment of pneumonia and flu-like symptoms.
Read on: Download our October 2008 Newsletter (PDF).

Looking to the Future...

Our long-term plans (targeted for operation in 2012) include the construction of an 80-bed clinic in Kakamega, Africa. This health & healing center will integrate conventional medicine with other therapies for a more comprehensive approach to healing. Once complete, this facility will provide:

  • comprehensive and integrated HIV-care to women and children
  • essential obstetric care and health care to abused women
  • state-of-art diagnostic tools and biotechnology center for traditional medicine

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About the Organization:

TropicalClinics is a 501 (c) 3 U.S. Nonprofit Organization (and a Non-Governmental Organization in Kenya). The organization was founded by Margaret Kilibwa in 2004 to build one-of-a-kind health centers in rural areas of Africa and other developing nations.

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